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The California Department of Motor Vehicles has many downloadable forms on it's official web site. The site will contain appointment scheduling, contact information, locations, hours, publications, manuals, and guidelines. Due to the large population growth in California, the DMV requires appointments for certain DMV related processing.

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These are some of the basic DMV forms available. These and other forms available at your local DMV. A typical California bill of sale form is needed to sell your car. With a California bill of sale form you can transfer the ownership of your car without any hassle. A bill of sale form from the State of California is available from all DMV locations. California DMV forms are easy to use!

Vehicle/Vessel Transfer and reassignment Form

This form is not the ownership certificate. It must accompany the titling document or application for a duplicate title. Contains Vehicle Description, Bill of Sale, Odometer Disclosure Statement, Buyer and Seller information, and a Power of Attorney. Form # 262.

Planned Non-operational Certification

This enables a vehicle that will not be driven on a California road to hold current registration fees until it will be driven. A penalty is due, if filed after the vehicle registration expiration date. You must provide plate number, vehicle ID, and make. California DMV form #102.

Statement of Error or Erasure

The Department of Motor Vehicles, which is a Public Service Agency, provides this form for protection from error when an incorrect name or an erasure is on a title of a vehicle. This will state it has no bearing on the ownership of the vehicle. This form #101 requires your signature and address.

Special Interest License Plate Application

A Special Interest License Plate Application must be assigned to a vehicle currently registered in California. This form will have a section for Plate Owner, Type of Plate Order, Requested Plate Choice, Reassigned to another Vehicle or Hold for Future Use, or Release Interest in Plates; and for Replacement Only. As with most DMV forms, a signature under the penalty of perjury is required. DMV form #17.

Application for Duplicate Title

Application for registered Owner of Record, Legal Owner of Record, Missing Title Statement, Registered Owner Release of Ownership and/or Interest, and Legal Owner of record Release of Ownership and/or Interest. An issuance of a duplicate title may cancel the original title. DMV form #227.

Application for Title or Registration

Contains Owner Information, Cost and Operational Information, and Title Holder Information. You may have to state if you purchased this vehicle from a family member, private party, or dealer. Actual miles, price paid, and description must be written on this form. DMV form #343.

Miscellaneous Statement of Facts

You will be required to fill in the appropriate section. Form includes Use Tax Exemption Statement, Smog Exemption Statement, Transfer Only or Title Only Statement, Window Decal for Wheelchair Lift or Wheelchair Carrier, Vehicle Body Change Statement, Name Statement, Statement of Facts, and Applicant’s Signature Required. You need to provide plate number, VIN#, and year/make as well. DMV form #256.

Application for Replacement Plates, Stickers, Documents

Note: There is a fee to replace most items. You need Printed Name of Registered Owner, check off appropriate box for replacement Stickers, Plates, Cards, or other Certificates. The final section is the Certification which requires a signature. DMV form #156. is a privately owned website that is not affiliated with the California DMV or any government agencies.
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