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Information on Smog Check, Transfers, Title and Registration is a privately owned website that is not affiliated with the California DMV or any government agencies.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles transfers millions used vehicles each year. Information about your smog requirements, title, transfer, registration,'bill of sale', and other forms can be found on the official California DMV web site.

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The California Department of Motor Vehicles has set up a very informative web site enabling you to access basic information about all of your used vehicle needs. Actual transfer of ownership or other specific needs may require you actually visit your local DMV.

Find DMV information easily with DMVsolutions.orgOur direct link access will guide you to that specific information. Remember, due to the high volume of California DMV transfer of used vehicles you may need to call and set up an appointment.

Click here for a copy of a basic 'bill of sale' form.

Smog Check

The State of California has one of the most strict vehicle smog requirements in the country. Each year millions of vehicles are subject to a smog inspection. The California DMV will update the vehicle year requirements on their web site and notifications are sent by mail. California smog machines are now directly linked to the state headquarters in Sacramento and all vehicles that pass or fail are immediately entered into the state database.


To transfer a used vehicle from one private party to another, we recommend both parties go to the Department of Motor vehicles in your area and transfer together. This ensures both parties it is done correctly with no chance of fraud or misrepresentation. With a proper DMV printout, known as a 'KSR", each party can be assured of any tickets against the vehicle, late registration fees, penalties owed, or more serious problems such as a "DOJ Stop" which refers to a law enforcement problem prohibiting title transfer.


Each used vehicle will have a State specific title with a title number. This needs to be looked at by a DMV expert who will look for fraudulent titles, not valid titles, and titles from a different State that may require additional documentation. In the case of a 'lien' on the title, the bank or credit union who holds title (or lien release papers) will have to be contacted and paid. At this point, the lien will be satisfied and title will be free to transfer.


Every vehicle on the road must legally have a current registration. Some vehicles may qualify for a "Certificate of Non-Operation" which allows a used vehicle to be free of penalties while in a non-operational state. In general, the DMV can run a background check on a used vehicle by the license number or vehicle identification number (VIN#). This provides an exact assessment of any fees owed, tickets not paid, or other registration problems.

When selling a used vehicle, please be aware of current 'scams' involving a fraudulent cashiers check or the buyer asking for money back because he accidentally made the cashiers check for too much money. This is a nationwide scam where thousands of people have lost their vehicles and money. is a privately owned website that is not affiliated with the California DMV or any government agencies.
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